Terms and Conditions


FundSmart will provide a personalized one page website with a unique URL. This site will include the group's or organization's name, a link to the group’s or organization’s website and/or social media site and information about what they are fundraising for

FundSmart will provide social media marketing materials as well as printable marketing materials.  

FundSmart will provide a secure checkout portal that is designed for your personal website.

FundSmart, for returning clients (returning within 11 months of their previous fundraiser), will contact the previous year’s supporters to kick off your new fundraising campaign. All contact information collected at the time of sale will be retained by FundSmart for future fundraising campaigns and not be released directly to the group or organization hosting the fundraiser. If you choose not to return for a fundraiser we will contact your fundraiser supporters to offer them the opportunity to renew their National Discount Membership so that they may continue to benefit from the savings.

Client, through its resources, shall be responsible for getting their own donations using their personalized one-page website.

Client is responsible for accurately completing, signing, and submitting a W-9 BEFORE FundSmart will pay you for the money you raised minus 20% plus any unpaid credit card fees.

Client understands and agrees that client will not be paid any proceeds from their fundraising efforts until they have filled out and submitted a W-9 form to FundSmart.

Client is responsible for providing FundSmart with accurate and thorough information to be incorporated into their group’s/organization’s one-page website.

​Clients agree to have two 15 minute phone calls to prepare and go over the items that will need to be completed before kicking off your fundraiser.

Clients agree that each team member will get at least 20 cell numbers which should include grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. Then they will send text messages about the fundraiser.

Clients agree we will gather as one group to kick off the fundraiser, where each team member will send the first message about the fundraiser to each person on their list.


FundSmart, not the organization name, will show on supporter's credit card statements.

20% of each donation will be deducted regardless of the amount of the donation. 

The group/organization will receive the remaining 80% minus any credit card fees that have not been donated back to the organization by the supporter when they made their donation.

Each group/organization will be responsible for paying any and all credit card fees. Amount that needs to be paid will be calculated according to the following:

Total Credit Card Fees - Amount of Credit Card Fees That Have Been Donated by Supporters = The Balance That Will be Deducted From Group's/Organization's Total Profits.

Credit card charges are currently 3.49% of the total charge plus a flat $0.49 per transaction fee. (i.e. a single $45 donation would result in $1.57 + $0.49 for a total credit card fee of $2.06 for that transaction)


Fundraisers will be paid all profits of the fundraiser (80% minus any credit card fees that have not been donated back to the group/organization) within 10 business days after the client's successful submission of a W-9 form.


Each FREE National Discount Membership expires 6 months from the date of registration. Supporters will have 30 days from the date of their donation to register their FREE National Discount Membership. 

FREE Hotel Credits do not have an expiration date, but they must be used in conjunction with an active National Discount Membership. Therefore, they must be used within 6 months of a supporter’s initial donation or the supporter must renew their membership to keep access to their FREE Hotel Credits.


While we try to ensure that the Website is available 24 hours a day, access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond our control. FundSmart shall not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable at any time or for any period of time.


While it is our hope to see each fundraiser through to completion, either party may terminate this agreement at any time with a written notice. After such notice, service to the group’s/organization’s site will be suspended and any remaining funds will be paid according to the schedule defined earlier in these terms and conditions.


FundSmart is not liable for the content or use of the National Discount Membership, Hotel Credits or for any legal action taken in relation to this fundraising project.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Clients will be notified should any changes impact their current fundraiser. Returning clients are responsible for reviewing and agreeing to the terms and conditions each time they begin a new fundraiser.