Join us in supporting (Put the name of the organization here). In three easy steps you can help us reach our fundraising goal.

  • First, make a donation at (Paste in link to personalized fundraising website here) where you can get a FREE GIFT valued at over $100.
  • Second, like this post.
  • Third, share this post so that others can see it.

Social Media Posts

Posting on social media is a quick and effective way to encourage others to support this fundraiser.

  • Click on the appropriate logo below to access images that have been specifically created to promote this fundraiser on that social media platform.

  • Choose an image and download it to your device, upload it into the social media platform you are using and paste the appropriate text from below. IMPORTANT: Remember to replace the words in parentheses with the appropriate information BEFORE posting. It is important that you post both the image AND the text so viewers will be able to access the fundraiser.

  • Repeat that process for each platform once per week for the duration of the fundraiser.

​That's it. It really is that easy!

Please use the following text with each post made on Facebook and Instagram. Copy and paste the text below into the platform you are posting on. Then, replace the words in parentheses with the name of the organization that is fundraising and the link to their personalized fundraising website. Be careful to make sure the link is entered exactly as it appears on the fundraising website. (We highly recommend copying and pasting.) Once you are certain that the information is entered correctly, go ahead and post on that platform. Repeat the process for the other platform.